Two Minutes Hate

The purpose of two minutes hate is  a way for the government to control how their citizens think. The government purposefully gets them to hate certain objects and or people by making basic sound and video associations. By doing this the government in turn controls what the citizens like and don’t like, which they will most likely end up liking their society more and focusing hate on what is viewed.

In Today’s society they still do this. The news channel only tells you what they want you to hear, leaving out key facts that would aid in the other side of the story. Racial stereotypes are formed through television as well. Which shapes the way you think about other countries, as well as your own country. Overall Two minutes hate is a remedial way for the government to control their citizens.

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1 Response to Two Minutes Hate

  1. wendyewalker says:

    Nice response. I like the connection you made to today’s media.

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